Costa Rica Abroad Experience:

“Most important in thinking about young people’s participation [in society] is the sequence of phases in perspective taking, and the insight that the child is actively trying to construct the world of the other, while simultaneously constructing her own understanding of that world.” Roger Hart, Children’s Participation: From Tokenism to Citizenship, 1992


The Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace has designed a comprehensive learning experience combining a holistic natural history and tropical science research approach to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest with the fundamental values of peace. As a global hotspot for biodiversity and home to the United Nations mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica is an enriched learning environment. Where better to explore the importance of biodiversity and sustainability than in a rainforest ecosystem? Where better to discuss peace than with students from around the world dedicated to its realization? This abroad experience is a series of opportunities in perspective taking, cultural exchange, confronting current events and global crises while providing a mode for authentic social action, at home and abroad.


This experience is a compliment to the important learning around peace and biodiversity inherent in Montessori classrooms and schools. Our approach is one of integration into the disciplines, thus all participating schools, with MISP’s help and resources, must incorporate biodiversity and peace into their school studies beginning before the Costa Rica trip and continuing upon returning home.

Follow the link for the downloadable Costa Rica Abroad Experience Brochure.



Duration and Cost of Trips:

MISP-FCER offers both 9 and 10 night learning adventures to Costa Rica that maxi- mize meaningful peace education and scientific research. Costs range from $1315 to $1434 per person for a minimum of 15 travelers including Costa Rica ground travel and food (airfare not included). With prior approval from FCER-MISP, trips are customizable to fit your group’s needs. Changes may incur additional expenses and are dependent upon staff and lodging availability.


Sample 9-Night Itinerary

  • Day One: Arrive at The University for Peace (UPEACE), San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Day Two: UPEACE: tours, seminars, classes
  • Day Three: Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER): orientation, plan for week
  • Day Four: CER: Identify specialist and individual projects
  • Day Five: CER: Collection and analysis of data for projects
  • Day Six: CER: Collection and analysis of data for projects
  • Day Seven: CER: Collection and analysis of data for projects
  • Day Eight: CER: Presentations
  • Day Nine: Local activity: canopy walkway, zip line, hot springs, rafting, etc.
  • Day Ten: Depart San Jose, Costa Rica


Available Visit Dates:

Every attempt will be made to accommodate specific school schedules, keeping in mind the schedules must be built around UPEACE and CER’s staff and facility schedules as well. Please submit your ideal dates to to specify your preference.


Please note, if looking for dates in late June and July, UPEACE is closed and thus the trip will be focused solely on the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.


Program dates are reserved with a $400 deposit per person (50% of the deposit is non-refundable). Please contact at FCER as soon as possible to guarantee your participation in this wonderful opportunity.



United Nations Mandated University for Peace: El Rodéo de Mora


Partnerships with the United Nations mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) and with United Nations Earth Charter staff allow students to connect with the UPEACE diverse student community of global leaders who range in age, interest, and background yet are united in their passion for addressing critical obstacles to peace and sustainability. Participants benefit from UPEACE’s world class faculty that draws top professionals in their fields (sustainability, gender, economics, human rights, international law, peace and conflict studies, etc.). While on campus, students observe and participate in UPEACE classes, receive lectures from UPEACE staff, work with the UPEACE sustainability club on current meaningful projects, and perform interviews with UPEACE students across current events, peace, and environmental topics.


While at UPEACE, students are placed in host-families providing an important opportunity for cultural exchange.



Children’s Eternal Rainforest: Monteverde


Today, the 54,000 acre Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER) is a testament to the change that can be accomplished by youth action. Adolescents from around the world will collaborate with international scientists as contributors to research, data, and funds for preservation, conservation, and expansion of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER). Through this work, MISP will build on the legacy that began in 1987 when Swedish children started a worldwide effort to purchase and protect rainforest in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica. Since then, children and adults from 44 nations have joined the effort. By taking a comprehensive natural history and tropical science research approach to the rainforest, participants develop a clear academic and emotional foundation for student leadership in rainforest preservation.


Jeffry Norris, Ph. D., in collaboration with a variety of local scientists and experts, assists the students in designing independent research projects. These scientific experiments served the dual purpose of generating essential baseline data about CER and providing a mode of meaningful student-directed interaction with the forest. The students leave the CER with an ingrained sense of responsibility.

Click here to read the History of the MISP-FCER partnership. Visit Friends of the Rainforest to read more about past trips successes!