To provide a comprehensive developmental whole school design for empowering the adolescent personality, their teachers, and schools constructing a vision of peace and sustainability locally and globally.



The goal of the Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace (MISP) is to connect the theory and practice of Montessori with the wider field of peace education seeking to nurture human development, specifically through the adolescent’s commitment to peace.


This is accomplished through:

  • An interdisciplinary developmental approach to peace curriculum;
  • Facilitation of key theory discussions on incorporating the Science of Peace into a school-wide mission and curriculum especially at the adolescent level;
  • Workshops in key concept areas of the Science of Peace;
  • Authentic abroad experiences for global engagement based on peace and sustainability applying all courses of study;
  • Supporting structures and coordination for a chapter of the student peace organization Montessori PeaceX; and
  • A bi-annual adolescent summit focused on a pressing global issue, where Montessori youth work side by side experts in developing sustainable solutions, locally and globally.