Elizabeth Henke

Elizabeth Henke is the co-founder and program director of the Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace. She graduated from St. Olaf College with a triple major in studio art, peace studies, and education. After teaching studio art at Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu, India, she obtained the AMI elementary diploma in Bergamo, Italy and went on to pioneer the upper elementary program on the tiny South Pacific island of Saipan for two years. She taught in the humanities department at the Montessori High School at University Circle (Cleveland, OH) for two years prior to receiving her Masters in Peace Education from the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, June 2012. Upon returning from UPEACE, she co-founded MISP and continues to work for the realization of Montessori’s constructive vision of peace through education in Washington, D.C. (