Today I sat and cried as adolescents from around the world shared their stories about how lack of access to water, lack of water quality and water conflict affected their lives. I was speechless. They spoke of eerie dystopias and darker realities. They evoked images, not only of thirst for water, but thirst for justice and a world where everyone has access to this human right. Then, like water lilies rising out of the muck, they called us to action. They inspired me, and each other, to spread the word about the slow and steady problems regarding water (from drought to death) and to work to prevent this and other outcomes. The 38 youth, ages 12-17 from PerĂº, the Philippines, Spain and the United States were united as Montessori students, but left the summit as comrades in the fight for water justice. Support them in their struggle. Join Montessori PeaceX and connect with all of the great work they are doing!