Montessori Adolescent Project Survey

In preparation for the 2017 Montessori Congress in Prague, MISP, in collaboration with NAMTA and MMUN, is exploring a web approach for the Adolescent Summits with the intention of holding seven interrelated summits corresponding to the seven active agents of Montessori’s Interdependency Chart.

Chart of Interdependence


The summits will be implemented in seven cities around the world. The web of life as the organizing principle ties all summits together. The unified results of the summits will be presented in Prague. By converging nature’s unity of life on earth, which is fundamental to Montessori’s view of modern science, the social drive of the adolescent and their need to contribute to humanity through meaningful work, we anticipate a dynamic leap in the Montessori movement for a more peaceful world.


We are conducting this survey to gain a general knowledge of the exciting environmental and social work being done at Montessori adolescent programs around the world and to determine which seven cities/schools will serve as the hosts for the seven interdependent summits in early 2017, with organizational support from MISP. Each local ecological summit may host other international Montessori schools to participate, and then meet with all summit participants in Prague.


We appreciate your willingness to complete this ten minute survey. Please feel free to contact with any questions. Please spread the word!


Thank you.