Register for the 2015 International Montessori Adolescent Summit

Tapping the Well of Water Innovation: Seeking sustainable solutions to water access, quality and conflict

April 22-25, 2015

Washington, D.C.


In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the right of every human being to have access to sufficient water for personal and domestic uses, which must be safeacceptable and affordable, and physically accessible. (See Water as a Human Right)


According to the U.N. Millennium Development Goals 2012 report, 11 per cent of the global population—783 million people—remains without access to an improved source of drinking water and, at the current pace, 605 million people will still lack coverage in 2015.


Come join Montessori youth from around the world in exploring solutions to increase water access, quality, and cooperation at home and abroad! Click AS2015brochure to download the registration brochure or register online through NAMTA.